Taylor Truck Line provides pad wrap services to the lower 48 States and Canada. We have 53' X 102" air-ride vans with satellite tracking and cargo sensors. Each trailer is equipped with blankets, straps, decking and ramps. Whether shipping retail store fixtures, cabinetry, exercise equipment, office furniture or sensitive electronics, our customers are confident that Taylor's superior product care and customer service along with our advanced communications systems will get their cargo there safely and on time.

Running a successful pad wrap trucking business is more than a personal commitment to customer service, professional drivers and fully equipped trailers; it takes a willingness to adapt to accommodate the many needs dictated by the customer in this market. Taylor Truck Line is proud to serve the specialized pad wrap industry.



Accommodations are crucial in the transportation industry. Nowhere is this more evident than in the dry van segment. Customers don't want to hear that a carrier's available equipment won't handle the freight they're offering. They just want service. 

The staff at Taylor Truck Line accept this as a fact of life. That's why we operate a fleet of vans suited and ready for almost any product. We offer 53' X 102" air-ride equipped trailers with satellite tracking and cargo sensors. All are late model and meticulously cleaned and maintained. Shipments as different as canned goods and cabinets, software and cereal, shelving and sugar utilize the same Taylor trailers.

Equipment versatility is, of course, only part of Taylor's customer-satisfaction strategy. The company also focuses considerable attention on its drivers, making sure they know exactly what's required of them and that they are able to live up to the customer's expectations.The result of combining top-notch equipment with informed, dedicated drivers is an unparalleled service from the moment a load is tendered until it's delivered. Time after time. 


Taylor operates in the lower 48 states and Canada with our main lanes running the Midwest, South and Southeast, with terminals located in Northfield, MN and Portland, TN. Truckload and large LTL services are available. 



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