Taylor Truck Line Inc. is a family-owned trucking company founded in 1957 in Northfield, MN. At Taylor, we understand that treating you with respect and maximizing your earnings is the best way to have a long-term relationship. Our company culture is family-oriented with an open door policy in all departments at every management level. We strive to reset our drivers at home vs on the road to maximize their work/life balance. When you are on the road, our only objective is to utilize your time; our 80% drop and hook freight with a 4 to 1 trailer to tractor ratio gives us the best opportunity to do that. Our office and shop staff understand that our driving team is the only team that earns the money that pays the rest of us, and you will feel that in the way you are treated. Come experience the Taylor Difference.

– George Brooks, General Manager


Our mission, as a motor carrier, is to provide specialized service and on-time delivery of the goods entrusted to us. To that end we commit our resources to make available trained, professional, courteous employees and clean, modern, well-maintained equipment.

The only thing in the transportation of customer freight that is more important than prompt service will be the safety of our employee and the public as a whole



I could work anywhere pretty much–but chose Taylor truck lines to work for, and u see there as invested in you as you are in them .


Been here going on 7 months. From day one talking to Natalie Koop in recruiting who done a awesome job about getting me into the company to may dm Tina Francis who makes sure I get plenty of miles. Everyone at the company has a smile on their face and are happy to see you and talk too you. The shop does a extremely good job to make sure you and your truck keeps running. It is true they might not be family but the do treat you like it.

I began orientation on love day Valentine’s Day 2018

and I love this company!
My recruiter was Kyle and he got me going quickly. When we could not reach previous companies such as M.S. Carriers that was bought out, they accepted my tax returns and Driver Safety Award as proof of my experience to get me started. They flew me there from NY and took care of me during orientation.
I am a happy trucker! I have been treated fairly!

Taylor is the only company I found that do care about the driver and there family’s. No they aren’t perfect, but you can earn a living . The only thing Taylor want is you . Don’t set up all night with your t.v. video games,or b.s. with drivers all night.

We all have a job to do. So let roll.

Was an amazing place to work! I wish flatbed and heavy haul would have worked out. Mitch does a great job with the office. Mike at the shop was just like everyone else and was always willing to help a guy out. And as a local driver I made a killing!!! But you bet I work hard for every dime I made there. Family always came first no matter what even if you said no Iā€™m ok Gina in the office would always set you straight and say nope, your family needs you, go! Honestly if I lived in the area Iā€™d be back

I want to let any driver who is thinking of coming to Taylor. That it is the best decision i have ever made just wish i would of came sooner. i would recommend you all to work here and be apart of the family here at Taylor Truck Line. Everyone in office and shop support the drivers and are always there for you.

I discovered Taylor Truck Line by accident about three years ago and I’m glad I did! At the time I was running for that behemoth company where I was known as 360553. At Taylor I’m known as Drew!Taylor keeps me in a good running truck – both the Northfield and Portland shops are tops! It’s a small family company with a solid customer base, mostly in the Midwest and Southeast which suits me to a T. My fleet manager, Sue K is a peach and keeps my rolling and gets me home every two weeks.Success is a two way street. I do my best to run this truck safely and legally, make the pickups and deliveries on time – and I’m given plenty of time to do just that. Then there’s the in truck scanner so I can file my bills right from the cab! Is any job perfect? Certainly not, but my Taylor family has really gone out of their way to make sure I’m happy and taken care of out here. It really is the best career decision I have ever made.

My husband and I are very excited to be back with Taylor. We had some family issues we had to take care of so we had to quit for about a year. But when we had the issues taken care of an wanted to come back they welcomed us back with open arms. We as a couple love this job. They are very family oriented and love all of there drivers an drivers family’s. Taylor is where we are an we will not for any reason leave them again.

This is home to us we are very fortunate.

This is one of the best places I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. The entire management team actually listens to it’s employees when there is an issue. It means a lot to know how much support you have while away from your loved ones. If you have any doubt about what I’m saying, come sit down with the recruiters, and ask the questions you want true. honest answers to.

2 months in and still on my Honeymoon.. What a fine group of people. Wish I had come across them years ago! you looking for a ride with a Super Great Company?

look no further…

I had some HORRIBLE experiences here. I must’ve quit a THOUSAND times in my head! What made me stay, is because how Taylor did all they could do to make it right. And you know what? They did make it right! There are some good people here. There are some bad people here. You’ll NEVER find a perfect company as they are all run by humans. In the end, the company as a whole was VERY good to myself and my family. Due to personal issues, I had to leave. Honestly, if my situation was different, I would stay. There was a guy in here stating that Taylor left them stranded. I find that difficult to believe. Taylor just isn’t that kind of company. Who knows? Maybe my situation will improve. If it does, I’LL BE BACK! Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this company!! Love to you ALL!!šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•

I forgot to add, there is NOTHING that I asked for that I didn’t receive. My fleet manager, Vince was the best I ever had! He always honored my requests. Kept me focused and encouraged on my darkest days!

I give a 5-star review because I absolutely love my job and I love the equipment. Not to mention I love all of the people that I work with every day because we are all friends and almost a family because it’s that tight around here. But what I will say, is that if you are NOT a truck driver that wants to actually get miles and make a very large paycheck at the end of every week consistently then this is probably not the place for you.
Sincerely truck #7617

“Great ppl from top to bottom glad I’m here I really cant complain at all would definitely recommend this company to anyone almost 2 years and counting…..”

“Good proactive management from GM to Operations Mgr. to Shop Maintenance Director AND Fleet Managers. I cannot speak for the lease program as I was a company driver. If you meet Taylor’s qualification standards,you would be a fool to not give them a shot at making things work for you.”


801 Hwy 3 N
Northfield, MN 55057
(507) 645-4531

31485 Northfield Blvd.
Northfield MN 55057
507-645-4531 ext.121

5734 US – 31 W
Portland, TN 37148
(507) 645-4531 ext. 500

Company Truck Drivers with Taylor Enjoy:

  • Ask about guaranteed pay!
  • Mileage Pay plus Per Diem
  • Flexible home time
  • Weekly Pay
  • No-Haz-Mat
  • Scanners and Samsara
  • Pre-planned dispatch
  • Accessorial pay
  • Assigned Fleet manager
  • Assigned equipment
  • Rider policy
  • No slip seating
  • Newer Volvo and Freightliners
  • Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance (BlueCross, Blue Shield)*
  • Matching 401K*
  • Holiday pay*
  • Paid vacation*
  • Smart tv, refrigerators and inverters
  • Optional Per Diem*
  • Pet Policy Available


* Only Company drivers does not include lease purchase/owner operator drivers

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